I don’t like silence ! .... though I spent most  of my time in it.

I like noise
Coz, I am scared I’ll go mad in hush
I am afraid somewhere I do not feel lost in silence
It takes short period of time to journey one place to another
But it takes years to journey from one person to another
Because we are habituated easily to things

Reinventing myself

I don't want to be mother right now. It's not that I don't want children r I don't love children.  How can we define mother' s love? Can we mol that love? No, but what made her competing with the girl who came into her son's life? Is it insecurity? Or the girl' s behavior? Then why is that girl behaving like that? Is she possessive? Or is she also insecure? What am I doing? Am I like this in nirmal? No. Then what's happening my surroundings.
What made a mother attracting her own child? So I want to go to teach small kidz. Because I enjoy with them. I love them . I understood this by reminding My shourya my little baby  . I miss him so much. His naughty things, his accent, his mischief s , his body language,  and why him every child is so special. They amuse me by their innocent faces, their little hands, their muddu muddu words, their unnecessary muchatlu.
  The main reason for me to do job is I don't want to spend my full day s

         When i los…